How do you search for a product?
How do you buy it?
Up to how many products can I purchase?
Does filling the cart force me to purchase?
What is the “promotional code” and how does it work?
When does the purchase process end?
Can I place an order in a country other than the destination?
What does the wording "awaiting payment" mean in the order history?
Cancellation of orders
To which countries can the order be shipped?
How soon will I receive my order?
How much are the shipping costs?
Can I request that the purchase be shipped to an address other than mine?
Is it possible to indicate a precise day and/or time for delivery?
What should I do if the courier did not find anyone at the time of delivery?
What can I do if my order doesn't arrive?
How can I check the shipping status of my order?
How to request the inclusion of the VAT number in the invoice, for Italian users?
How to request the inclusion of the VAT number in the invoice, for foreign users?
What forms of payment are accepted?
When will my credit card be charged?
Can I request an invoice?
Do the prices I see include VAT?
Are my credit card details protected?
What happens to my personal data?
Can I return the product I purchased?
Can I change the product I purchased?
How do I return an item purchased online?
Is the return shipping of an item purchased online at my expense?
When will a refund be made for an item purchased online following a return?
What guarantee does MONILI by Micucci offer on its products?
What does the warranty not cover?
What should I do if I want to have MONILI by Micucci repair an item that is not under warranty?
How long does the repair take?
How to request spare parts?
What is the correct way to clean my MONILI by Micucci products?
Why should I register?
What is "My MONILI"?
How do I register?
What to do if I have lost my username and/or password?
Can I change my username and/or password?
Can I change and/or update my registration data?
Can I check my previous orders?
Is there a customer service dedicated to the online shop?
How do I contact MONILI by Micucci customer service?